APV is developing a 1,000 megawatt clean, state-of-the-art, natural gas-fueled power generation facility called the Renaissance Energy Center. The Project will supply the electricity needs of approximately one million homes.


The Project is located in the northeast section of Monongahela Township, Greene County, on the site of FirstEnergy’s retired Hatfield’s Ferry coal-fired power plant. From I-79, take exit 14 east onto E. Roy Furman Hwy. The Project is located 13 miles on the left.


American Power Ventures, LLC (APV) develops and manages projects by balancing the needs of all stakeholders and by executing and delivering its projects in a transparent, cost-effective, and socially responsible manner. APV has developed approximately 3,000 MW of power plants in operation or construction with another 3,000 MW in planning. The Project is owned by an affiliate of APV named APV Renaissance Opco, LLC.


APV is evaluating several options for fuel supply. A number of interstate gas pipelines and gas producers are in the area of the Project site, including an existing pipeline at the boundary of the Hatfield’s Ferry site. APV expects to decide soon on the preferred approach.


Water is used by the Project primarily to cool equipment but also to make steam, which powers the steam turbine-generator portion of the Project’s electric generating capacity. This process is very efficient. The Project will use the best available technology to cool its equipment by use of a “closed loop” cooling system connected to a cooling tower. A closed loop system recycles water and minimizes water usage. A small amount of water running through the closed loop will be lost primarily through “blowdown” and evaporation in the cooling tower. Water from the Monongahela River will be used to replace this water. The Project will also use a small amount of municipal water for equipment requiring higher quality water, lavatories and other potable water needs.


Power will be sold into PJM Interconnection, which is a regional transmission organization that coordinates the movement of wholesale electricity in 13 states, including Pennsylvania. Power from the Project will be injected into the existing Hatfield’s Ferry substation located less than 1,000 feet from the Project and delivered into PJM through four existing transmission lines that are connected to the substation.